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Fast Payments For .Trade

.Trade is Trade that is in some way facilitated by a Blockchain and Smart Contract

Associated FastPaymentsFor.Trade websites called GatewaysTo.Trade websites act as Gateways to .Trade

FastPaymentsFor.Trade Websites Facilitate Fast Payments For .Trade

A FastPaymentsFor.Trade Website is a Website Branded for a Particular Programme, Currency, or Country, which is operated by a Partner Bank and uses the Core Facilities Provided by a Provider to Provide Fast Payment Services that it then sells to participants in the GatewaysTo.Trade

e-Debit provides the interface and the product delivery implementation

Ripple is proposed as the Fast Payment Services Provider. The Ripplenet protocol is currently utilized by over 100 major banks globally to offer an alternative remittance option. Ripple simplifies the exchange process by creating point-to-point and transparent transfers for banks. Ripple has been increasingly adopted by banks and payment networks as settlement infrastructure technology and offices in the US, Australia, London and Luxembourg.

e-Debit will also introduce the FastPaymentsFor.Trade to over 1 million subscribers to e-Debit owned sites comprising on online video and messaging sites

Same day international money transfers can be done under the Programme. The aim is eventually to reach almost instant payments, and effectively become a Lightning Payments service.

The programme will also help good causes


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